Bolton Furniture Emma Large Pedestal…

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Eddie We purchased this desk for my daughter, age 10. It is large enough to provide a good work area, but small enough to fit into a not large bedroom. It's all wood, a rarity these days and at the price. One complaint: the left slide on the center drawer was installed too low, and the drawer tilted left. The hinge that allows the center drawer front to fold down was also installed too tight, and the drawer front is not absolutely perpendicular to the desk front. I removed and raised the drawer slide but could do nothing about the hinges. Still, the look is adequate, and the drawer works okay. A note on the finish: If you don't buy the matching chair, the color is hard to match. I think it is a tinted, sprayed on lacquer, pretty hard for a do-it-yourselfer to replicate. The "Honey" finish is quite close to Minwax's "Colonial Maple," however.


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Bolton Furniture Emma Large Pedestal…

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