Disney Little Mermaid ARIEL Chair Des…

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The Mom Bought this for my 6 year old daughter. Fit was ok but the wig was heavy so slid off easily. And even though the wig was in an unopened package and wrapped in a net on inside of package, it was completely knotted up. I tried to comb it out, but the hair would just fall out. We have purchased other Disney wigs in the past that were much nicer/less tangled right out of the package. But we threw on an Ariel crown and made it work. The crown helped hide/hold down some of the matted up mess and she looked really cute. She removed while trick or treating after about 1/2 hr b/c it was heavy and just kept sliding off even with boby pins.

the mama bear The shipping was fast! But the product didn't meet my standards. The point of buying it online was so avoid going into the store with my kids bc they were too scared. When I received the wig it was so frizzy and the curls were just not there and not even my hair stylist could make it look good. So I had to end up going into the store anyways to exchange it. When I got to the store the employee opened the only four ariel wigs they had left and only two of the four looked half way decent so I exchanged it for one of them but then wasted my money on shipping costs bc I had to end up going into the store anyways.


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Disney Little Mermaid ARIEL Chair Des…

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