Edushape Edu-Tiles 36 Piece 6x6ft Pla…

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Darcy This flooring was easy to put together and it was nice and thick. I feel comfortable letting my son play on it without worrying about a hard fall. I was a little disappointed that the flooring did not come with the edging as it looks a little unfinished. I did read in other reviews that it is available for purchase separately, but felt I already paid enough. Overall a good product that I would buy again

CurlyLu These tiles are just great! They are really thick so your baby has the perfect amount of cushion while trying to perfect those push-ups! The colors are vibrant and the pop-out letters/numbers are big!

And they will be great later when my little guy is crawling around!


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Edushape Edu-Tiles 36 Piece 6x6ft Pla…

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